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Sermon Illustrations about Application

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Application to help bring your sermon to life.

To Solve Social Distancing Use Geometry

Of all the challenges facing educators, restauranteurs, and business owners in trying to reopen during a global pandemic, one of them requires knowledge ...

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Sermons Should Direct

What a shame for people to leave church services unaware of what they are to do or to stop doing.

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Understanding the Bible

Alas, so many intelligent people become preoccupied with dates and linguistic problems concerning the Bible that they have not time to seriously consider ...

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Keep Sermons Up-to-Date

You should never preach a sermon that could just as well have been preached in the first century.

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Humbled Theology

I propose that theologians write theology from the standpoint of the mother in Bombay (or Pittsburgh) whose child has just starved to death. She would ...

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