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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Authority to help bring your sermon to life.

Stand Alone on the Word of God

I remain unpersuaded that any theological movement can dramatically affect the course of the world while its own leaders undermine the integrity of its ...

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Keep Sermons Scriptural

A sermon that is not directly drawn from Scripture is orphaned, however bright or clever it may be.

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The Myth of the Lighthouse

Believed by many to be truth, this mythical story about the lighthouse makes a great point: The captain of the ship looked into the dark night and saw ...

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Authority's Fruit

The Latin root of "authority" and "authentic" means "that which allows growth and life." Our resentment of the authority ...

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Tainted Spirituality

When you look at our history, it is no wonder that spirituality is so often treated with suspicion, and not infrequently with outright hostility. For ...

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The Guts to Lead

Scott Turow begins his novel Presumed Innocent with the words of a prosecuting attorney named Rusty. Rusty is explaining his approach to the jury when ...

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Religious Pace Setters

For the first time in American history, whatever is happening in religion is being driven by the media instead of ecclesiastical institutions.

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Bruce Willis on Morality

Actor Bruce Willis offers his opinion on church teachings about morality:

[Organized religion] used to hang the whole thing on one hook. If you don’t ...

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Brad Pitt on Freedom

In Rolling Stone, Chris Heath discusses religion with mega-movie star Brad Pitt:

There is one subject he refers to time and time again, and that is religion. ...

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Should Wives Submit?

Percentage of American adults who disagree with the statement: "A wife should submit graciously to the servant leadership of her husband": 69

Disagreement ...

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