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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Adultery to help bring your sermon to life.

Lust Kills

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources reports that more than 17,000 deer die each year after being struck by motorists on state highways. According ...

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The Information We Really Need

When Magic Johnson announced he had AIDS, he vowed to use that tragedy to promote AIDS awareness. He is to be commended for using that illness for a creative, ...

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Hardest Thing I've Done

I went to Promise Keepers in Indianapolis, knowing God was going to deal with me in an area I had held on to for over a year. It's tragic to admit, ...

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Forgiveness Is Better than Divorce

We've made adultery grounds for divorce. In actuality it's grounds for forgiveness.

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Real Men Don't Commit Adultery

I remember some years ago watching Phyllis George interview Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach. It was a dull interview until Phyllis asked, "Roger, ...

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Unpopular Chastity

There is no getting away from it: the old Christian rule is "Either marriage, with complete faithfulness to your partner, or else total abstinence." ...

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Honesty Without Integrity

Charles Swindoll, in Growing Deep in the Christian Life, tells about a man who bought fried chicken dinners for himself and his date late one afternoon. ...

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John Lennon's Son, on Dad

I felt he was a hypocrite. Dad could talk about peace and love out loud to the world, but he could never show it to the people who supposedly meant the ...

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Consequences of Adultery
  • Overall percentage of men who have cheated on their wives: 23
  • Percentage of couples who divorce after an affair (even with counseling): 34
  • Percentage who later describe the marriage as unhappy or empty: 78

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Deceiver's Best Friend

"Our aim is total peace of mind for you and your family." That is the motto of the Alibi Agency, a start-up companyÂ…whose purpose is to provide an insulating ...

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