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Sermon Illustrations about Adoption, Spiritual

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Adoption, Spiritual to help bring your sermon to life.

20-Year-Old Adopted by Mentor

While young Cheyenne was trying to transition out of homelessness at 16, the child welfare agency told her that finding a foster home would be unlikely. ...

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Man Finds Caterpillars in Produce, Raises Them to Maturity

British radio host Sam Darlaston found a fuzzy surprise when he opened a bag of broccoli from his local grocery store--a caterpillar. But instead of evicting ...

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Man Discovers He Is a Prince

Mr. Jay Speights of America recently discovered that he is royal. He took a DNA test and the results popped up as being of royal descent. The funny thing ...

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Photographers Present Foster Kids in the 'Right Light'

In 2001, Diane Granito founded the Heart Gallery, a unique program that uses photography to help find homes for older foster children, sibling groups, ...

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A Surprise Invitation to Baseball Hall of Fame

Skye Jethani uses the following personal story to illustrate the beauty of God as a Trinity, a party of love and goodness and power:

Have you ever found ...

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How to Get into D.C.'s Hottest Parties

According to The Washington Post, the D.C. party scene is attracting more and more of a Hollywood edge, making it far more star-studded then it's ever ...

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You vs. Jesus in a Spiritual Marathon

Here's a creative way to illustrate the biblical view of justification by faith, which includes not only receiving forgiveness, but also receiving ...

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Orphan Grasps the Dignity of His New Name

I have two very special friends whose lives have been a blessing to countless children who have been deformed from birth. They have established an orphanage ...

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Episode of 'Parenthood' on the Power of Adoption

A 2013 episode of the TV show Parenthood focuses on Joel and Julia Graham's attempt to adopt a young Hispanic boy named Victor. After living with ...

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Chicago Man Discovers His Real Name

The headline in the Chicago Tribune was poignant: "Living a Life Unknown." The subhead said, "Dozens of John, Jane Does turn up yearly at Illinois police ...

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