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Man Finds Caterpillars in Produce, Raises Them to Maturity

British radio host Sam Darlaston found a fuzzy surprise when he opened a bag of broccoli from his local grocery store--a caterpillar. But instead of evicting his new furry friend, he decided to take care of it. It turned out that being an ad hoc caterpillar caretaker was just the hobby he needed to pass the time during lockdown in his London apartment.

He told a reporter, “I did my research initially and discovered the exact type of caterpillar/butterfly we were dealing with. I then decided to build him a little home in my (living room) with all the broccoli he wanted.” Darlaston named his caterpillar Cedric, and was planning on maintaining a habitat for one, until another trip to the same store for more broccoli yielded more caterpillars. He said, “The broccoli I’d got as a replacement contained 5 more. And then a 3rd broccoli belonging to my housemate had another one! So, 1 became 7 caterpillars overnight!”

Over a series of tweets, Darlaston conveyed to his audience how each of them eventually became chrysalis and formed cocoons, only to eventually become butterflies and fly away. “I felt a tiny bit sad watching them spread their wings but overall feeling was happiness … I’m just happy at least one of us gets to go out during these times.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

No matter how we’ve arrived or what condition we're in, God loves and receives us into His family. Not only that, but God will continue the work He started in your life, even when others have abandoned you.


David Moye, “Man Finds Caterpillars In Supermarket Broccoli And Raises Them As His Own” HuffPost (6-24-20)

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