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How to Get into D.C.'s Hottest Parties

According to The Washington Post, the D.C. party scene is attracting more and more of a Hollywood edge, making it far more star-studded then it's ever been. So the newspaper offered some tips on how to get into the hottest parties with famous celebrities.

The Kennedy Center Honors is an annual honor given to those in the performing arts for their lifetime contributions. When an event brings together icons like Tom Hanks, Sting, and Lady Gaga, getting tickets to the event is daunting. And only about 300 tickets get sold to the public. So if you aren't a major donor, honoree, or celebrity, you're best bet is to hit up some of the corporate sponsors or donors. If you're really lucky, they can put in a special request to get you in.

D.C. is also becoming a hot spot for movie premieres, but good luck getting in. The movie studio, corporate sponsors, and local party planners decide the guest list. Their target audience is influential lobbyists and lawmakers.

The White House Correspondents' Dinner is another a hot ticket. It's the D.C. tradition that brings in all sorts VIPS for a night of laughs and barbs. Only members of the White House Correspondents' Association can buy tickets, but they can give them to anyone. So make some friends in the news biz.

Getting an invite to the White House is tough enough, a State Dinner, nearly impossible. There's no buying your way in. And there are very few no-shows, so forget a wait list. The President and First Lady have the final say on the guest list. The criteria for an invite is typically a prominent person who's at the top of their field, someone who has a business in the country being honored, or someone who personally knows the visiting head of state. So good luck with that one.

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