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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Afterlife to help bring your sermon to life.

Death is Dead

When death stung Jesus Christ, it stung itself to death.

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Forget the World's Standards

I know what a Miss America looks like, but how about a Miss Kingdom of God? Hard to see, isn't it? By the world's standard, I may end up ordinary. ...

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So Little Time?

We are always complaining that our days are few and acting as though there would be no end of them.

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Not Buried but Sown

As I go into a cemetery I like to think of the time when the dead shall rise from their graves. ... Thank God, our friends are not buried; they are only ...

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Heaven Can Wait

On the Saturday evening before Easter, I was trying to distract my hungry four-year-old son, Scott, and get dinner on the table. I decided to explain ...

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This Side of Heaven

A little girl was taking an evening walk with her father. Wonderingly, she looked up at the stars and exclaimed: "Oh, Daddy, if the wrong side of ...

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Gospel Concerns Eternal Destiny

Temporal concerns make fine bridges for the gospel, but ultimately the gospel is about your eternal destiny.

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Decisive Evidence

They sometimes tell us that no one has ever come back from the other world to give us assurance of it. But that is not so. Christ came back. He authenticated ...

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Death Comes Calling

Robert Hughes, art critic for


, reflects on his car crash and his struggle to survive and recover:

Samuel Johnson once said the prospect of being ...

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Hopeful Picture of Death

Cathy Hainer was a USA Today reporter who wrote about her battle against cancer. A short time before she died, she wrote:

I have moments when the fear ...

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