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Family Nose Swiped from Front Porch

Jelani Greenidge, pastor, Portland, Oregon; source: Samantha Swindler, “Thief picks nose from Portland porch” Oregon Live (10-15-18)

When most people complain of a running nose, they don’t expect it to go missing. Delia Albert, however, is not most people.

Albert and her family ...

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Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct Launching Comeback Without Apology

Jelani Greenidge, pastor, Portland, Oregon; source: Glenn Whipp, “A year after #MeToo upended the status quo, the accused are attempting comebacks--but not offering apologies,” Los Angeles Times (10-05-18)

Some high-profile men accused of sexual misconduct are moving on with their careers without admitting to wrongdoing. Louis C.K., Les Moonves, and Garrison ...

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Trapped in a Cave and Rescued from Above

Laura Demarest, “What It’s Like to Be Trapped in a Cave,” The Washington Post (7-6-18); submitted by Paul May, Pastor, Ashburn, Virginia

Laura Demarest recalls what it was like for a group to be trapped deep underground in a dark, flooded cave in Indiana and the relief they felt when rescued: ...

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A Body Can Only Survive If Its Members Work Together

Ron Bryce, The Fingerprint of God (Brown Christian Press, 2018), Pages 55-56

One day, as I assisted a surgeon, he had me reach into the patient's chest and turn his heart so he could work on it from a better angle. As I gingerly ...

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Our World is a Glimpse of The New Heaven and Earth

Josh and Sean McDowell, The Resurrection and You (Baker Books, 2017), Pages 20-21

The world we live in now offers us a glimpse of the joys and pleasures that we will experience when God brings the new heaven and the new earth (Rev. ...

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