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Connecticut Middle School Successfully Bans Phones

Assistant Principal Raymond Dolphin knew he was taking a risk in December 2021 when he banned cell phones from Illing Middle School in Connecticut. But ...

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Fentanyl Dealer Caught During NBA Game

Sometimes the wheels of justice turn slowly, but eventually they do turn. Such was the case for Billy Ray Trueblood, who was finally sentenced in May ...

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AI Robots Dispense ‘Spiritual Wisdom and Forgiveness’

In Buddhist Japan, they now have robot priests. Mindar is a robo-priest which has been working at a temple in Kyoto for the last few years, reciting Buddhist ...

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‘Nones’ Now the Largest Religious Group

When Americans are asked to check a box indicating their religious affiliation, 28% now check “none.” A new study from Pew Research finds ...

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Pastors Are Like Frogs, Lay People Are Like Lizards

When it comes to fulfilling the Great Commission, how can the “1 percent” of Christians who work in professional ministry help the “99 ...

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