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There is no Repentance without Risk and Vulnerability

Matt Woodley, Editor,; source: Alan Paton, Too Late the Phalarope (Scribner, 2011), pages 137-138

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New Insight into the Miracle of Metamorphosis

Matt Woodley, Editor,; source: Daisy Chung, “Programmed to Change,” National Geographic (December 2018)

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Sermon Illustration

NFL Player J.J. Watt on Taking Things One Day at a Time

Ben Court, “JJ Watt's Injury Could've Broken Him. Instead, It Made Him Stronger,” Men’sHealth.Com (9-5-18); submitted by Major Dalton, Winthrop Harbor, Illinois

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Comedian Turns Snarky Reply into Generosity

Jelani Greenidge, pastor, Portland, Oregon; source: Anika Reed, “Patton Oswalt feuds on Twitter with Trump supporter, then pays his medical bills,” USA Today (2-5-19)

As a veteran comedian and improv actor, Patton Oswalt is known to have a ready retort for anyone heckling or giving him grief. But one particular time, ...

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Broadway Star Improvises Rebuke to Amateur Videographer

Jelani Greenidge, pastor, Portland, Oregon; source: Tom Gerken, “Lin-Manuel Miranda raps fan for filming ‘Hamilton,’” BBC (1-17-19)

Most fans of the Broadway musical Hamilton would love to get a shout-out on social media from the creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda. But recently a woman got ...

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40-Year-Old Doritos Bag Washes Ashore

Pam Wright, “40-Year-Old Doritos Bag Washes Ashore on North Carolina's Outer Banks,” Weather.Com (12-27-18); submitted by David Finch, Oakland, Oregon

A nearly 40-year-old Doritos bag washed ashore recently (2018) on to an Outer Banks beach in North Carolina. The bag that is believed to have been floating ...

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The Atheist Who Misses Heaven

Simon Davis; “Why Do So Many ‘Nones’ Believe in Life after Death?”; (7-15-16); submitted by Van Morris, Mt. Washington, Kentucky

Simon Davis, writing for Religion News Service, tells us, “Since atheist blogger Martin Hughes left Christianity, he hasn’t missed believing ...

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UCLA Gymnasts Finds Her Joy Again

Heidi Glenn and Danny Hajek, “UCLA Coach Helps Star Gymnast Find Her Way Back To A Sport She Loves,” NPR (1-16-19); submitted by Jonathan Romig, Westford, Massachusetts

A viral video of the amazing gymnast Katelyn Ohashi took the web by storm (in January 2019). The video shows an energetic female gymnast does an impressive ...

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      • Sunday, Feb 24: Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany
        Epiphany, Year C
        1. Luke 6:27-38
        2. Psalm 37
        3. 1 Corinthians 15:35-50

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