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Largest Lego Model Took Vision and Teamwork

The newest addition to the grand list of Coolest Things Ever was first unveiled in New York City in 2013: the Lego X-Wing, the largest Lego model ever ...

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How Long Can We Endure in a Crisis?

How much can an adult endure? If you're ever stranded in the wilderness, are caught in a burning building, or find that your scuba tank has run out of ...

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Animal Farm as a Parable about Blaming Others

George Orwell's famous novel Animal Farm provides a parable about how we often treat each other in Christian community, families, and work settings. In ...

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Bride and Best Man Jump into the Ocean to Save a Life

In November 2010, a wedding party in Glenelg, Australia, was unexpectedly called into action right after the wedding ceremony. While they were posing ...

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Different Attitudes Among Silver and Bronze Medalists

A fascinating study done by Professor Vicki Medvec reveals the relative importance of subjective attitudes over and above objective circumstances. Medvec ...

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