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Sermon Illustrations about Baby Dedication

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Baby Dedication to help bring your sermon to life.

Actress on Her New Role—Motherhood

Actress Sarah Drew, who has appeared on Grey's Anatomy and in the film Mom's Night Out, had this to say about her new role as a mother:

The stay-at-home ...

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Moms Are the Most-Quizzed People

A survey from the U.K. involving 1,000 mothers found that moms may be the most quizzed people on the planet. On average, from breakfast to afternoon tea ...

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Our Brains Can't Handle Unlimited Multitasking

In her book Maxxed Out: American Moms on the Brink, Katrina Alcorn asks mothers, "Do you ever feel as if being a parent has turned you into an ...

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Survey Lists People's Reasons for Having Kids

A 2010 Pew Research survey asked 770 parents why they decided to have kids. Of those surveyed:

  • Seventy-six percent said it was because of the joy of children

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Mother Reflects on "The Day We Let Our Son Live"

In 2009, an article in the U.K.'s Telegraph reported that of all women in the U.K. who find out through prenatal testing that their baby will have Down ...

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Support for Abortion Decreasing

In 2007 and 2008, 54 percent of Americans said abortion should be legal in all/most cases. In 2009, that number went down to 47 percent. In 2007 and 2008, ...

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Infants Show Good Judgment

If only adults showed as much sound judgment as an infant! Through a series of tests, Yale University's Infant Cognition Center has found that babies ...

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How God Comforts

God comforts in many ways, and James and Jill Kilibarda of Minnesota have discovered one of those ways.

Looking forward to the birth of their first child, ...

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Woman Decides Against Abortion

Already on the operating room table and moments from an abortion, Anna Chernocke made a life-changing decision—she backed out.

The U.K.'s Daily ...

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Woman Unaware of Pregnancy

While an old proverb claims that ignorance is bliss, Amanda Brisendine would be the first to tell you that ignorance can have unexpected consequences.

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