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Woman Unaware of Pregnancy

While an old proverb claims that ignorance is bliss, Amanda Brisendine would be the first to tell you that ignorance can have unexpected consequences.

Although Brisendine had gained 30 pounds in the past year, she attributed her weight gain to rich foods and the fact that she had quit smoking. But after several days of abdominal pain so intense that she even called in sick from work, the 26-year-old Renton, Washington, woman went to the hospital. What she didn't expect was to return home later with a newborn son—Alexander.

Already a mother to a 14-month-old daughter, Brisendine was shocked and nauseous when told she was nine months pregnant. After all, she had not experienced the typical signs of a pregnancy. "Everything was normal as far as I knew," Brisendine said.

"I don't know how I didn't know," she added. "I just didn't know."

For Brisendine, her ignorance produced only an unexpected addition to her family. But it could have had much more serious consequences. Her doctors noted that ultrasounds showed low amniotic fluid in the placenta and that baby Alexander was not moving properly. He was not doing well. Fortunately, an emergency C-section successfully delivered him.

What we don't know can hurt us. The best antidote for spiritual ignorance is a faithful study of God's Word so that we never have to echo Brisendine's admission: "I don't know how I didn't know. I just didn't know."

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