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Sermon Illustrations about Books

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Books to help bring your sermon to life.

People Are Passionate About the Most Unusual Things

The Bookseller magazine runs a competition to find the book with the oddest title of the year. Competition rules stipulate that the work had to be of ...

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Reading the Bible to Children Is Crucial in Tech Age

The New York Times recently ran an article "Turn the Page, Spur the Brain" that presented empirical findings showing that reading to children, even infants, ...

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Reading Good Books Can Extend Your Life

William Falk, Editor-in-chief of The Week magazine, wrote the following short column:

A recent Yale study that tracked 3,635 people over 12 years found ...

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Harry Potter … More Influential than the Bible?

A survey (by Facebook) asked users to rank their most influential books. The results? For those who participated, Harry Potter was mentioned more frequently ...

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Bees Give an Example of How to Approach Popular Culture

The 4th century church leader Basil offered a unique image for how Christians today can approach popular culture. Basil was referring to "secular books," ...

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Award-Winning Novel Rejected

Getting a novel published is an extremely difficult affair, especially if you are an unknown author. One freelance writer named Chuck Ross decided to ...

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Authors Auction Character Names for Charity

The title of an eBay auction from September 2005 reads, "Let Stephen King kill you in his upcoming book!" The auction was created by a nonprofit organization, ...

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Overdue Book Prompts Generosity

Joel Schelsinger borrowed a book from his local library in Orchard Park, New York. But by the time Joel revisited the library to return the book, it was ...

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Books That Changed the World

The Christian Science Monitor reports that there are over 100 books in print whose title includes the phrase "That Changed the World." The most recent ...

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Men Read Religious Books

A study of book purchases from 1998 to 2000 shows that the leading genre of books purchased by men were of non-fiction religion. Espionage/thriller books ...

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