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Bees Give an Example of How to Approach Popular Culture

The 4th century church leader Basil offered a unique image for how Christians today can approach popular culture. Basil was referring to "secular books," but the following quote could also apply to movies, television shows, music, literature, and poetry:

Just as bees can take nectar from flowers … so also from these writings … one can draw some benefit for the spirit. We must use these books [or movies, music, poetry, etc.], following in all things the example of bees. They do not visit every flower without distinction, nor seek to remove all the nectar from the flowers on which they [land], but only draw from them what they need to make honey, and leave the rest. And if we are wise, we will take from those writings [or movies, music, poetry] what is appropriate for us, and conforms to the truth, ignoring the rest.

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