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Vicarious Death

In his book Written in Blood, Robert Coleman tells the story of a little boy whose sister needed a blood transfusion. The doctor had explained that she ...

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Unending Gift

In the night when his people betrayed him--the night of intensest enmity--the dear Lord Jesus said, "This is my blood of the covenant, poured out ...

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Christ Crushed to Clothe Us in Glory

The Old Testament word for worm is tola'ath. This little worm from the Middle East is something like the cochineal of Mexico. When these creatures are ...

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Italian Author Prefers a Bloodless Christ

When Mel Gibson's movie The Passion of the Christ was released in Italy, the review board gave it a "G" rating. Some parents objected, saying the movie ...

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Survivor Writes Love Message in Blood

A Los Angles Metrolink train wreck that killed 11 individuals and injured several others on January 27, 2005, left an indelible impression on Firefighter ...

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No Substitute for the Blood of Christ

In November 2004, Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago joined 15 other hospitals around the country experimenting with the use of Polyheme, a synthetic ...

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Girl's Change in Blood Type Deemed Miraculous

In January, 2008, a story made the rounds about a 15-year-old girl in Australia named Demi-Lee Brennan. Brennan became the world's first known transplant ...

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Author Brené Brown on the Nature of Love

Popular author and shame researcher Brené Brown recently talked about coming back to church after years away and the moment "the whole ...

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MD Describes Importance of Blood

Physician Horace Smith describes the importance of human blood:

Each drop of human blood contains over 5 million red cells … In an average lifetime, ...

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Physician Warns of Spiritual Autoimmune Disease

Physician Horace Smith warns that in the church "we must guard against 'spiritual autoimmune disease,' in which spiritual white cells see normal cells ...

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