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Dead Men Bleed?

For one family in Venezuela, the space between death and life was filled with more shock than usual. After a serious car accident, Carlos Camejo was pronounced dead at the scene. Officials released the body to the morgue and a routine autopsy was ordered. But as soon as examiners began the autopsy, they realized something was gravely amiss: the body was bleeding. They quickly stitched up the wounds to stop the bleeding, a procedure without anesthesia which, in turn, jarred the man to consciousness. "I woke up because the pain was unbearable," said Camejo. Equally jarred awake was Camejo's wife, who came to the morgue to identify her husband's body and instead found him in the hallway—alive.

Possible Preaching Angles: Sure, blood is ubiquitous with work in a morgue; but the dead do not bleed. This is a sign of the living. Thought and practice in Old Testament times revolved around a similar understanding—namely, the life is in the blood. Christ is the Lamb whose blood cries out with enough life and power to reach every person, every sorrow, every shortfall, and every evil. There is life in the blood of Christ, whose entire life is self-giving love.

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