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Global Search Finds Blood Donor for Three-Year-Old Cancer Patient

Three-year-old Zainab Mughal, who lives in Florida, requires frequent blood transfusions for cancer treatment. There are over 300 different blood types, and 90 per cent of the population is fairly easy to match to one of those types. The challenge for the doctors treating Zainab is that her very rare blood type only occurs within Indian, Pakistani, or Iranian communities. So far, only five donors around the world have been tracked down.

Adjunct Professor David Irving is with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, which found the match for Zainab. This process has been aided by an effective system that has been established for the international tracking of blood. The blood collected from the Australian donor has been sent to Florida, for use in Zainab's stem cell transplant operation.

Zainab still needs more blood for further treatments, so the search for donors will not stop at five. Professor Irving said, “We are certainly looking to diversify our blood donor pool so that we are ready for those patients like Zainab. Our red cell reference laboratory researchers are working hard to make sure that they get the best match for all of the patients who are in need of red blood cell transfusion.”

Possible Preaching Angle: Blood of Christ; Easter; Sin Nature; Substitution – Our terminal disease of sin also requires an extremely unique blood donor. In all of history, only the blood of the sinless Son of God is the perfect match. Nor is there is a need for repeated transfusions – one time is sufficient for all of our needs.

Fran Kelly, “Global search finds fifth blood donor in Australia for three-year-old cancer patient in US,” ABC News Australia (2-12-19)

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