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Why Are People Never Happy?

An insightful Aperture video reveals the sad reality that our happiness, or lack of, is always at a regular baseline. It only fluctuates slightly despite ...

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Many Dislike Tech Billionaires, but Envy Them

According to a survey, 37% of Americans think billionaires are terrible role models, and 49% said they have overall negative feelings towards them. And ...

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Who Programmed the Computer?

Our existence on a Goldilocks planet in a Goldilocks universe is so statistically improbable that many scientists believe in the multiverse. In other ...

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The Only Kid in Class Without a Cell Phone

Kaylee and Mike Low have four children. When their oldest son, now aged 14, started asking for a cell phone back in the fourth grade, they both said no. ...

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Man Throws $200K in Cash from Car

An Oregon man recently threw $200,000 in cash onto a local highway until police asked him to stop due to the risk to pedestrians endangering themselves ...

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