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Cohabitation Increases the Chance of Divorce

Nearly 70% of couples are living together before marriage. Fifty to Sixty-five percent of Americans believe that living together before marriage will ...

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God is the Best Therapist

The world began a weekly group therapy session with Frazier Crane thirty years ago. This spin-off character from Cheers played by Kelsey Grammer, emerged ...

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‘Dirty Jobs’ Turned into Meaningful Callings

When a researcher started interviewing hospital workers—the people who cleaned out the patients’ rooms each day she assumed they would only ...

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Man Discovers Mouse Tidying Shed at Night

Rodney Holbrook no longer has to clean up his shed—he has a mouse to do that. Holbrook, a wildlife photographer and retired mailman, noticed that ...

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Rich More Likely to Steal from Self-Checkout

Theft—or "shrinkage" as the retail industry calls it—is a big problem for stores that use self-checkout kiosks. The machines have ...

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