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Angelina Jolie on Fame’s Pain and Shallowness

After so many years of fame, the actress Angelina Jolie has resigned herself to some elements of its bargain. The constant gaze of paparazzi means other ...

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Child Walked 20 Miles to Obtain a Bible

Mary Jones was about eight-years-old when she became a Christian. Having learned to read, she wanted to own a Bible in her native Welsh language. But ...

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A Lesbian Despised Christians, Then Became One

Rosaria Champagne Butterfield was a leftist lesbian professor, who despised Christians. Then somehow, she became one. She shares her testimony in an issue ...

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Baseball Card Nets $7.2m Due to Name

Sportswriter Jason Gay wrote an article about a rare baseball card of the famous Babe Ruth.

At first glance, it looked like an ordinary, unexceptional, ...
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Introverts Have Taken Over the Economy

The pandemic has brought many changes to businesses, schools, and churches. Another way the pandemic altered America: It has created what might be called ...

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