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Sermon Illustrations about Ordination

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Ordination to help bring your sermon to life.

Serving God in Your Work

Martin Luther was approached by a working man who wanted to know how he could serve God. Luther asked him, "What is your work now?" The man said, "I'm ...

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Children's Bible "Product of Much Pain"

Prolific children's author George Koshy spent three years writing a children's Bible, the first of its kind to be originated in any Indian language. When ...

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"Pinocchio": What Is Life For?

Pinocchio is the 2008 real-life adaptation of the classic story, starring Bob Hoskins as Geppetto. Set in the late 1800s, Geppetto is an Italian woodcarver ...

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Studs Terkel on Work

How do you feel about your job? Studs Terkel, the famous Chicago author, interviewed hundreds of people about their jobs and recorded what they said in ...

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God's Agenda Often Far More Commonplace Than We Imagine

"Mary, I know what I'm going to do tomorrow and the next day and the next year and the year after that. I'm going to leave this little town far behind, ...

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Why Dogs Have a Better Sense of Smell

Dogs do some things better than humans. For one thing, most dogs have a far better sense of smell than we do, and there is a physical reason for that. ...

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Woman Suddenly Elevated to Royal Status

The article in The Washington Post on September 16, 2009, began with these words: "The king folds her own laundry, chauffeurs herself around Washington ...

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God Supernaturally Provides for Couple's Ministry

Years ago, Dave Phillips and his wife, Lynn, had a talk about the callings they felt God was stirring in them. As they discussed what they were most passionate ...

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Riding the Wave of God's Kingdom

There's a popular surfing video that captures well what it feels like to step into the awesome work of the kingdom of God. To view the video, click here. ...

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Celebrating the Community Contributions of Believers

I lived in Boston in the 1980s, and I spoke with a pastor of a major church there. We were reflecting on the ways the church doesn't always recognize ...

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