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Sermon Illustrations about Omnipresence

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Omnipresence to help bring your sermon to life.

The Simplicity of Jesus Holding Our Hand

Thomas Torrance likes to repeat a simple story of what he calls “the unconditional nature of grace.” He writes, “Our grasping of Christ ...

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The Utter Importance of the Ascension

Henry Drummond wrote:

Ascension … what if it didn't happen? Suppose Jesus had not gone away. Suppose he were here on earth NOW. Suppose he were ...

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Four Corners Monument Reveals God's Nature

Located in the southwestern region of the United States is a tourist attraction that draws thousands of visitors every year. It is a six-hour drive from ...

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Little Surfer Feels Safe Because His Father is Watching

John Ortberg shares the following story:

A few weeks ago, when I was out surfing, there was no one else in the water except for a huge guy practicing martial ...

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Mother Receives (Surprise) MBA

Many mothers attend their children's graduation ceremonies—but how many attend the ceremony and receive an honorary degree at the same time?

That's ...

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The Saving Power of Pizza

Ordering pizza every day may actually turn out to be a lifesaver. Just ask Oregon's Kirk Alexander, who is alive today because of his intense loyalty ...

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The President Can Text Everyone in the U.S.

The President of the U.S. has the power to push text messages to just about every smartphone in America, anytime he deems it necessary. Who knew? The ...

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Near-Omniscience Achieved by Our Digital Trail

In the wake of the 2013 NSA data spying controversy, The Wall Street Journal ran an article titled "Phones Leave a Telltale Trail." The authors note that ...

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Recognizing That We Live in Full View of God

Tri Robinson, pastor of Vineyard Boise Church in Boise, Idaho, shares the following story:

[Early in my life as a believer] I had become very involved ...

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Professor Moves from Agnostic to Seeker

In seminary my Bible professor was Manfred George Gutzke, a Canadian like myself who had an impressively large physique and had been the boxing champion ...

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