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AI Robots Dispense ‘Spiritual Wisdom and Forgiveness’

In Buddhist Japan, they now have robot priests. Mindar is a robo-priest which has been working at a temple in Kyoto for the last few years, reciting Buddhist ...

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Pastors Are Like Frogs, Lay People Are Like Lizards

When it comes to fulfilling the Great Commission, how can the “1 percent” of Christians who work in professional ministry help the “99 ...

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You Probably Know Around 600 People

How many people do you know? You’ve probably never counted. Well, now you don’t have to. Tyler McCormick has worked it out: around 600.

Or ...

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Where Is Wisdom to be Found?

Senior Lead Pastor and author Anthony Delaney writes:

We are told this is the Knowledge Economy. The Information Age. But where is wisdom to be found?Great ...
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World’s Most Dangerous Body of Water

YouTuber Tom Scott says the Strid at Bolton Abby in Yorkshire, England “is the most dangerous stretch of water in the world.” Standing in ...

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