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Sermon Illustrations about Rock 'n' Roll

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Rock 'n' Roll to help bring your sermon to life.

Influential Rock Star on the Failures of Rock Music

Peter Townshend is a singer, songwriter, and co-founder and leader of the rock band The Who. For over 50 years the band has been widely considered as ...

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Eagle's Joe Walsh Reflects on the Worst Part of Success

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Joe Walsh, the lead guitarist for the band Eagle's, was asked to describe the worst part of success:

The ...

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Heavy Metal Legend Writes a Worship Song

Tony Iommi has been hailed as the godfather of heavy metal for his role with Black Sabbath, the British group he cofounded in 1968. But the 68-year-old ...

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RIP David Bowie, The Vatican Loves You

David Bowie, the 69-year-old British pop artist, songwriter and actor, died January 10th after a long battle with cancer. Bowie had just released his ...

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Bruce Springsteen Talks About His Father

In a recent (2012) interview with The New Yorker, rock legend Bruce Springsteen said that his broken relationship with his father lives on in his songs. ...

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Alice Cooper's Witness to Sinners

At the height of his worldwide fame, rock musician Alice Cooper drank a bottle of whiskey a day. But the bottle almost destroyed his marriage to Sheryl, ...

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Ex-MTV VJs against MTV

"Good Morning America" interviewed former MTV video jockeys about their willingness to let their kids watch MTV:

Mark Goodman said, "My kids are not allowed ...

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Rocker Sonny Sandoval Labels Jesus "Rebel"

In a Revolver interview, P.O.D.'s Sonny Sandoval says:

Jesus was the original rebel, and I feel that my beliefs make me a rebel as well. These days, whining, ...

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Pirating Music

In the New York Times Paul Heltzel writes:

Despite record industry efforts to curb the spread of copyrighted music on the Internet, college students are ...

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