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Sermon Illustrations about Ritual

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Ritual to help bring your sermon to life.

Crossfit Is My Church

A 2012 Pew study tracked the rise of a new religious group: the “nones,” or the religiously unaffiliated. One-fifth of Americans—and ...

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Church for Atheists

The San Jose Mercury News once included the following item in their "News of the Weird" column:

James Kelley of Washington, D.C., is one of a small group ...

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"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation": Awkward Prayer

In the comedy Christmas Vacation, Chevy Chase plays the part of the goofy dad, Clark Griswald. In this scene, Clark and his extended family are gathered ...

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When God Speaks

Any of us more than 25 years old can probably remember where we were when we first heard of President Kennedy's assassination in 1963. British novelist ...

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History of Baptism

Baptism today often means sprinkling water on the head. At one time, for some Christians, it amounted to washing feet.

Most early Christians practiced ...

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