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Sermon Illustrations about Righteousness, believer's

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Righteousness, believer's to help bring your sermon to life.

Jesus Obeyed His Father 20 Million Billion Times

Here's one way to look at Jesus' earthly life of obedience to God the Father. Jesus lived approximately 33½ years, or 1,057,157,021 seconds. In ...

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Homeless Man's Hymn Becomes a Powerful Testimony

In A Cup of Coffee at the Soul Café, Leonard Sweet tells the story of the making of a film by two Londoners. In 1971 they began to film street ...

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Be Doers, Not Hearers

A salty pagan, full of the juices of life, is a hundred times dearer to God, and also far more attractive to men, than a scribe who knows his Bible ... ...

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Transfer of Accounts

Years ago when I was a young banker, we used big leather ledgers where all accounts were entered by hand. I remember daydreaming about those ledgers and ...

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Get Angry at Sin

He who is not angry at sin is not in love with virtue.

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Unhidden before God

After an elegant evening out, I discovered--to my dismay--that my back collar was unbuttoned, exposing a three-inch triangle of flesh. I realized the ...

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