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Sermon Illustrations about Righteousness by faith

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Righteousness by faith to help bring your sermon to life.

Jesus Obeyed His Father 20 Million Billion Times

Here's one way to look at Jesus' earthly life of obedience to God the Father. Jesus lived approximately 33½ years, or 1,057,157,021 seconds. In ...

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Billboard Asks “Are You Good Without God?”

In 2009, a new billboard in downtown Chicago got everyone's attention, stirring some controversy. In big letters it asked: "Are you good without ...

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Grace and Works on a Train Ride

The difference between righteousness by works and righteousness by grace is illustrated by a ride on a commuter train.

A train rumbles into the station ...

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Air Purifiers Can Pollute Houses

In May of 2006, the Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association published a study conducted by the National Science Foundation on the side effects ...

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Contrasting Law and Gospel

What the law tried to do by a restraining power from without, the gospel does by an inspiring power from within.

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The Gift of a Relationship

In Jesus' righteousness the unrighteous are granted, as a gift, relationship with God: a free gift. Mercy took a human face.

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