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Sermon Illustrations about Reactions

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Reactions to help bring your sermon to life.

Startled Florida Man Fatally Shoots Son-In-Law in Surprise Encounter

Richard Dennis was startled by the sound of banging at his backdoor, and probably quite afraid. But he had no idea that his fear would end up costing ...

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Teen Charged for Shove Off Bridge

A teen in Vancouver, WA is facing a criminal charge for pushing her friend off of a bridge and into the water.

Taylor Smith, 18, has been charged with ...

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The Domino Chain Reaction of Faith

In Chase the Lion, Mark Batterson writes that in 1983 Lorne Whitehead published an article about the domino chain reaction. You can picture it in your ...

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Man's Reaction Misinterpreted as Criticism

I showed up at the house of a friend and rang the doorbell. I was supposed to bring some chairs. He opened the door and said, "Ron, where are the chairs?" ...

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What Happens Inside Counts

What really matters is what happens in us, not to us.

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