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Sermon Illustrations about Restitution

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Restitution to help bring your sermon to life.

Oregon Woman's Car 'Accidentally' Stolen

If you've never heard of an "accidental car theft," then perhaps a rather strange news story from Portland, Oregon, hasn't reached you just yet.

In late ...

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The Knitting … Inmates?

They're sitting around a table under fluorescent lights, turning bright skeins of yarn into cold-weather hats. No, this isn't the "Retired ...

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Mother Forgives Daughter's Killer

In November 2012, Jordyn Howe, a 14-year-old student at South-Miami Dade High School, took his stepfather's pistol from its hiding place in the bedroom ...

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Lance Armstrong Tries to Make Amends

In August 2014, Esquire magazine ran an article titled "Lance Armstrong in Purgatory." A year and a half earlier, a doping cheating scandal ended the ...

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Stolen Chair Returned 18 Years Later

One night before Christmas, Clay and Velma Lykins of Jefferson County, Kentucky, stepped onto their porch to turn off the Christmas lights and saw a large ...

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Judge Orders Husband to Date His Wife

A Florida judge handed down an unusual sentence to a husband who had a domestic dispute with his wife.

During the courthouse hearing, Judge Hurley told ...

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When God Answers Our Prayers with One Word—Repent

How does God respond to a Christian who asks for guidance? It all depends. There's a big difference between a Christian who has "irregular, discouraging ...

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Man Finds Bag of Money and Temptation

How does temptation come? Sometimes with lots of warning and time to think, and we may succumb or resist after much deliberation. At other times temptation ...

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Ted Turner Apologizes for Past Statements About Christianity

In Time magazine's regular column "10 Questions," readers are given the opportunity to interview celebrities and world leaders through questions ...

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Prisoners Garden for the Needy

2007 was a bumper year for the Southeast Correctional Center "restorative justice garden" in Charleston, Missouri. Inmates yielded extraordinary crops ...

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