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Sermon Illustrations about Righteousness of God

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Righteousness of God to help bring your sermon to life.

The Suffering of God

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright shares this brief moment she shared with Holocaust survivor and author, ElieWiesel:

Not long after September ...

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Chris Farley's Hope for God's Forgiveness

Near his death, "Saturday Night Live" comedian Chris Farley stated: "There's only one who's in control. He'll take me when ...

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Lucado Says God's Standard Is Perfection

Author Max Lucado writes:

All of us occasionally do what is right. A few predominately do what is right. But do any of us always do what is right? According ...

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Jesus Is Our Cheat Sheet

Steve Winger from Lubbock, Texas, writes about his last college test, a final in a logic class known for its difficult exams:

To help us on our test, the ...

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Transfer of Accounts

Years ago when I was a young banker, we used big leather ledgers where all accounts were entered by hand. I remember daydreaming about those ledgers and ...

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