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Sermon Illustrations about Respect for Old Age

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Respect for Old Age to help bring your sermon to life.

Importance of Older Adults in The Lives of Young People

“Kids don’t want adults in their lives.” How many times have you heard something like that expressed in the church? It can make people ...

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EMTs Rescue Man in Distress, Finish His Yardwork

When emergency responders found Harold Storelee in front of his house with a broken hip, they did their best to take care of him. As it turned out, that ...

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94-Year-Old Man Begins Dating, Joins Marching Band

At 94, Frank Walsh had already lived a long, full life. But he wasn’t done dreaming about what could be. After his wife of 62 years passed away, ...

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Man Organizes Volunteers for Paint Job

Josh Cyganik, a 35-year-old man from Pendleton, Oregon, used to show up for work and wave to Leonard Bullock, the old man sitting on the porch across ...

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The Rise of the 74-Year-Old Jewelry Thief

A report in Bloomberg traced the rise of elderly crime in Britain, other European countries, and Asian nations. The police arrested nine suspects in London ...

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We Weren't Meant to Suffer Alone

In her funny, off-beat memoir, journalist and writer Heather Havrilesky reminds us how community (whether in a family or a church family) implies carrying ...

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