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Sermon Illustrations about Needs of hearers

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Needs of hearers to help bring your sermon to life.

Meeting Needs or Meeting God?

As the church today gets more and more hip--more and more need-oriented, responding to the buttons that people push in their pews--I find myself longing ...

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Junk Food Isn't Enough

The biggest enemy of the Church is the development and proliferation of programs to meet people's needs. Everyone has a hunger for God, but our tastes ...

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Audience Insensitivity

To speak about global issues to inner-city people with their problems and never speak to their issues is to fail them.

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Preaching is essentially a bridge-building exercise. It is the exacting task of relating God's Word to our world with an equal degree of faithfulness ...

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Acid Test for a Sermon

Here is an acid test for a sermon: Will it hold up if you change the setting from a public to a person-to-person situation? Take away the pulpit, the ...

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A Method of Evangelism

When I evangelize, I'm simply trying to describe people's deepest concerns and show how Jesus addresses them.

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The Deepest Needs

Meeting "felt needs" is not enough, because people do not always feel their deepest needs.

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