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The Unselfish Archbishop

When John Chrysostom became archbishop of Constantinople, he sold expensive works of art his predecessors had acquired. He refused to give lavish dinner ...

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Pay as You Go

Most of us would be willing to pay as we go if we could just finish paying for where we've been.

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Independence Through Frugality

I have a friend who has done a very interesting thing. He has lived frugally and saved sacrificially in order to have a cash account larger than his yearly ...

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Living Below Your Means

Living below your means is so liberating you won't ever want to go back to the edge again.

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Search Committees

Knowing God is not a big item in the preparation of a lot of preachers over America today because, just between you and me, pulpit committees are not ...

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Household Spending

The average household spent $35,535 in 1998. A household averages 2.5 people.

Expenditures: Housing: $11,713 Transportation: $6,616 Food: $4,810 Insurance/pension: ...

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Statistics Indicate "Living Within Your Means" Is Countercultural

In 2003, the average debt for U.S. families with at least one credit card: $9,205

The number of personal bankruptcy filings: 1.6 million

Percentage of Americans ...

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Margins Prevent Total Loss

In 2005, a team in the Netherlands worked with meticulously to break the world record for falling dominoes. To accomplish the feat, they needed to set ...

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Shopping Sabbatical Brings Freedom

What would it be like to go through an entire year without purchasing anything new?

That's the question a small West Coast group of environmental activists ...

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University of Florida's Sports Budget in Perspective

$69 million: The University of Florida's athletic department budget for the 2006-07 academic year. The Gators won their second straight men's basketball ...

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