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Many Americans Have No Financial Plan

Northwestern Mutual sponsors an annual study exploring the state of planning in America today that provides unique insights into people's current attitudes and behaviors toward money, goal-setting, and priorities. The study surveyed more than 1,500 Americans aged 25 or older. Here were some of the results:

  • More than six in ten (63 percent) Americans say their financial planning needs improvement; and that the number one obstacle is not having enough time.
  • Nearly 7 out of ten (69 percent) said the pace of life makes it harder for them to stick with long-term goals.
  • More than one in four (26 percent) people say they either often or always feel too busy to think about long-term goals.
  • Additionally, nearly one in three (31 percent) say they find the level of immediacy of society today—characterized by 24/7 connectivity and accessibility—to be distracting.

The study showed that half of all Americans have no financial plan in place, and that only 16 percent are "highly disciplined" financial planners, meaning they know their goals, have a plan in place to meet them, and rarely deviate.

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