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Sermon Illustrations about Beatitudes of Christ

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Beatitudes of Christ to help bring your sermon to life.

Comedian Mocked the Bible Until It Changed His Life

In the days of the Russian revolution, the Soviet state tried to stamp out Christianity and convert everyone to atheism. A popular Russian comedian developed ...

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High School Freshmen ‘Translate’ the Beatitudes

Dr. Emily McGowin, assistant professor of theology, at Wheaton College writes:

When I taught high school, one of my favorite assignments was having my ...

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Stats on When We Feel the Happiest

What the happiest time of our day? A study of Twitter users found an interesting pattern: humans tend to be happy at breakfast time, not so happy at midday, ...

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Bob Dylan Reflects on the Nature of Happiness

In an interview in AARP magazine, singer and poet Bob Dylan talked about his new music, life on the road, and true happiness. Towards the end of the interview ...

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Why Athletes Can Lose and Still Thank God

Most athletes believe that god/fate is on their side …. Indeed, when they win a championship, talk of "destiny" fills the postgame locker ...

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Philip Yancey Describes the Revolutionary Call to Follow Christ

In his book What Good Is God?, author Philip Yancey illustrates what it is like to build upon the rock by hearing and keeping the words of Jesus.

Yancey ...

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Missionary Learns Valuable Lesson from African Pastor

Helen Roseveare, a medical missionary in Africa, was the only doctor in a large hospital. There were constant interruptions and shortages, and she was ...

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What Meekness Looks Like

Taylor University is a Christian college in Indiana. Years ago, they were pleased to learn that an African student, Sam, was going to be enrolling in ...

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Forgiving the Unforgivable Is Hard

Forgiving the unforgivable is hard. So was the cross: hard words, hard wood, hard nails.

—William S. Stoddard

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Giving Like a Hobbit

Thanks to the Hollywood film The Lord of the Rings, a new generation of Americans has been introduced to hobbits. J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional creatures ...

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