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What Meekness Looks Like

Taylor University is a Christian college in Indiana. Years ago, they were pleased to learn that an African student, Sam, was going to be enrolling in their school. This was before it was commonplace for international students to come to the U.S. to study. He was a bright young man with great promise, and the school felt honored to have him. When he arrived on campus, the President of the University took him on a tour, showing him all the dorms. When the tour was over, the President asked Sam where he would like to live. The young man replied, "If there is a room that no one wants, give that room to me." The President turned away in tears. Over the years he had welcomed thousands of Christian men and women to the campus, and none had ever made such a request.

"If there is a room that no one wants, give that room to me." That's the kind of meekness Jesus talks about in the Beatitudes.

If there is a job that no one wants to do, I'll do that job.

If there's a kid that no one wants to eat lunch with, I'll eat with that kid.

If there's a piece of toast that's burnt, I'll take that piece.

If there's a parking space that's far away from the church, I'll park in that space.

If there's a service time that's less convenient for people, I'll worship at that service.

If there's a hardship someone has to endure, I'll take that hardship.

If there's a sacrifice someone needs to make, I'll make that sacrifice.

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