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Sermon Illustrations about Birthdays

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Birthdays to help bring your sermon to life.

Retired Man Returns to Work to Celebrate 100th Birthday

Many people try to get away from their day job to celebrate their birthday. One New Jersey man, however, decided to do exactly the opposite. Bill Hansen ...

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Billy Joel Illustrated the Incarnation

Max Lucado compares our relationship with Christ with a gift Billy Joel gave his daughter.

On her 12th birthday she was in New York City, and the pop musician ...

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Every Day a Celebration

Passing by a table in a local restaurant, I noticed a gentleman who was to be celebrating his 100th birthday the following week, eating with some of his ...

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Inevitability of Aging

As you know, birthdays make one thoughtful. If one is prepared to be honest, any birthday means one has aged. That makes me realize that whenever we speak ...

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Age Is Opportunity

Age is opportunity no less

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Plugged In

Our six-year-old son, Alex, was looking at a picture of himself when he was one week old. Upon seeing his umbilical cord still attached in the picture, ...

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Birthdays are Ominous

Our church has a custom that people celebrating birthdays come to the front of the auditorium. There they give an offering in thankfulness for life, while ...

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Coming Back to Life

This is a special anniversary for me. Seven years ago today, at this very hour, I was on the operating table in the Presbyterian Hospital, and they were ...

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