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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Balance to help bring your sermon to life.

Blow Up, Dry Up, or Grow Up

If you have the Spirit without the Word, you blow up. If you have the Word without the Spirit, you dry up. If you have both the Word and the Spirit, you ...

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Don't Kill the Horse

It is possible to throw our lives away foolishly by burning the candle at both ends. When Robert Murray McCheyne, only thirty years old, lay dying, he ...

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Seeking Balanced Christianity

Balanced biblical Christianity is a rare phenomenon. It seems to be a characteristic of our fallen minds that we find it easier to grasp half-truths than ...

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Unnatural Choices

The contemporary church needs desperately to bring together a concern for liturgy and a concern for justice, instead of endlessly forcing us to choose ...

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Reasons for Thanks

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful ... That there aren't twice as many Congressman and half as many doctors. That grass doesn't grow through snow, ...

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Women in Tune with God

Even the woman who is in tune with God's leading will struggle to maintain a balanced life. There are going to be times when each of us is out of ...

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Where's Everyone Going, Anyway?

Hamsters in cages run the rat race. They get in their wheels and run nine thousand miles, but never get anywhere. And it can be like that in the church: ...

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Idol of Exhaustion

I do not mean to make an idol of health, but it does seem to me that at least some of us have made an idol of exhaustion. The only time we know we have ...

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Overwork Worth It?

Americans say whether they would work an 80 hour work week for a few years if there was potential for a large financial payoff:

No, personal life is too ...

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Working to Death

Sherman James, an epidemiologist [someone who researches epidemic diseases] at the University of Michigan, describes a personality type named John Henryism. ...

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