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Sermon Illustrations about Barrenness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Barrenness to help bring your sermon to life.

Andrew Garfield on Falling in Love with Jesus

Actor Andrew Garfield, who plays a priest in Martin Scorsese's adaption of the movie Silence, told an interviewer about his religious views. "Films were ...

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Even the Alaskan Permafrost Can Be Fruitful

This illustration comes farm-fresh … all the way from Alaska. Tim Meyers is a farmer in Alaska, where the soil is rich, but frozen. Conventional ...

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Studies Reveal the Pain of Infertility

Infertility is a growing concern for Americans. A full third of Americans have either sought fertility treatment themselves or know someone who has.

In ...

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Killer Wrote Letter to God

Why didn't any changes occur or any love or help come when I accepted you as Lord and Savior?

—Matthew Murray, in a letter addressed to God that ...

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Drought Uncovers Treasure

The summer drought of 2007 allowed scientists and archaeologists in Florida to look through a window into the state's past and uncover hidden treasures ...

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