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Sermon Illustrations about Baptism

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Baptism to help bring your sermon to life.

Deputy Coerces Woman into Baptism to Avoid Arrest

When Shandle Riley was stopped outside the home of her ex-mother-in law late at night for a traffic infraction, it’s possible she might’ve ...

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He Got High and Broke into a Church. Later, He Was Baptized There

It was one of the worst days of 23-year-old Brenton Winn’s life. But it paved the way for one of the best. He was angry at God after he relapsed ...

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At Christmas, A Rebirth

On Christmas Day the Chicago Tribune ran a frontpage story titled, “At Christmas, a rebirth.” The story said, in part:

Su Zhu Yuan thought ...

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Film 'Tender Mercies' Depicts Process of Sanctification

If Christianity is true in its promise of a new life, then why don't I feel more … new?

The 1983 film Tender Mercies won Academy Awards for screenwriter ...

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White Supremacist Accepts Christ and Removes Hateful Tattoos

Two years ago, Chris Simpson led a white pride march. Six months ago, he abandoned the white supremacist movement. This past April, he was baptized.

Simpson, ...

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Seven Questions for New Converts in an Asian Country

Asian Access (or A2), a Christian missions agency in South Asia, listed a series of questions that some church planters have been asking new believers ...

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Suicide Plan Becomes an Instrument of Redemption

In his sermon "A God Who Redeems," Philip Griffin writes:

During the early days of our church plant in Texas we were baptizing lots of people ...

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Converted Muslim Shows Thanks to Army Doctor

In 1993, Lt. Col. Gary Morsch joined the Army Reserves as a doctor to care not only for U.S. soldiers, but also for wounded civilians and prisoners of ...

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Former Muslim Baptized Despite His Burns

Missionaries Ilir and Kate Cami write:

For some years we have worked with a ministry to refugees in Athens, Greece. Athens is part of the "Refugee ...

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Teen Brought Luggage to Her Baptism

When Texas pastor Jim Denison was in college, he served as a summer missionary in East Malaysia. While there he attended a small church. At one of the ...

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