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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Baptism to help bring your sermon to life.

Where Is Your Spirit?

I want to share with you a question by Martyn Lloyd-Jones, who is certainly not known as a Pentecostal preacher. When he held the great pulpit at Westminster ...

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History of Baptism

Baptism today often means sprinkling water on the head. At one time, for some Christians, it amounted to washing feet.

Most early Christians practiced ...

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What Happens at Baptism

In baptism we are initiated, crowned, chosen, embraced, washed, adopted, gifted, reborn, killed, and thereby sent forth and redeemed. We are identified ...

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A Child Questions Baptism

Our three-year-old daughter, Rena, sat with us during the baptismal service last Sunday night, which was a new experience for her. She exclaimed in surprise, ...

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Cleansing Baptism

As we drove home from church one afternoon, we were happily talking about a friend who was presented as a candidate for baptism that day. As we were saying ...

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Ceremony Won't Change the Heart

When Ole quit farming and moved, he discovered he was the only Lutheran in his new town of all Catholics. That was okay, but the neighbors had a problem ...

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Announcer Pat Summerall Enjoys His Salvation

Pat Summerall, the well known sports announcer, overcame alcoholism and became a follower of Christ in his late sixties. He said this about water baptism: ...

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Abortion Guilt Removed

Pastor Lee Strobel shares this account:

We were doing a baptism service. We told people before they came up to the platform to be baptized to take a piece ...

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Sam Houston's Pocketbook Baptized

On the wall of President Lyndon Johnson's White House office hung a framed letter written by General Sam Houston to Johnson's great-grandfather, Baines, ...

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Vision of Jesus Brings Muslim Girl to Faith

On November 9, 2003, a 19-year-old woman was baptized in my church and gave the following testimony:

I choose this day to love and serve Jesus Christ as ...

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