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White Supremacist Accepts Christ and Removes Hateful Tattoos

Two years ago, Chris Simpson led a white pride march. Six months ago, he abandoned the white supremacist movement. This past April, he was baptized.

Simpson, a 38-year-old garbage man and former Marine with "PURE HATE" tattooed across his knuckles, was consumed with hate.

"Hate will blind you to so many things," says Simpson. "It will stop you from having so many things. It consumes you."

After the loss of his first child, Simpson had a lot of hatred and anger built up inside. The white pride movement gave Simpson a place to direct his anger and frustration—at people of other races.

Things began to change, however, during a family trip to Walmart. One of his children looked down an aisle, then up at Simpson and said, "Daddy, you can't go down that aisle. There's a n_____ down there."

"It was time to make a change for them, "Simpson said of his children. "I don't want them following that path."

After he and his family watched the movie Courageous, Simpson began attending church. One month later he was baptized as a follower of Jesus Christ.

"Any kind of burdens I carried before, I let them go." Simpson added, "There's no need to carry things that happen in the past. I forgave all those who wronged me and asked forgiveness from those that I have wronged."

Simpson has left hate behind. He's even going through the Freedom Ink Tattoo removal program—starting with the word HATE.

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