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Miami Business Owner Rents Autos for Guns

Rashawn Welch was tired of all the violence in his city, so he used his resources to generate a creative solution. Welch's company, 305 Elite, is offering ...

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Searching for Elusive Treasure

Last summer, 53-year-old Jeff Murphy was hiking in Yellowstone National Park when he disappeared. Park investigators found his body on June 9, where Murphy ...

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Ham Flavored Ice Cream Debuts in New Jersey

A dairy farm and creamery is turning heads and furrowing brows with the release of a summer-only flavor that recalls a favorite New Jersey delicacy—pork ...

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The Amazing World of Hearing

Mark Batterson describes the amazing ability of the human ear in his bookWhisper:

The act of hearing is detecting vibrations of the eardrum caused by sound ...
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Advertisers Goal 'Get Children for Life'

Theologian Michael Horton notes that is not the church that is forming the minds of our children; it is the advertisers of famous products. Horton writes: ...

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