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Sermon Illustrations about Light of the world

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Light of the world to help bring your sermon to life.

Slobbing Out, Giving Up, And Going ‘Goblin Mode’

At some point in the stretch of days between the start of the pandemic’s third year and the feared launch of World War III, a new phrase entered ...

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City Lights

One of the most iconic attractions when visiting New York City is Times Square. Times Square stretches out over five blocks along Broadway and then spreads ...

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Las Vegas is the ‘Beacon’ of Humanity

Looking at our planet from space, astronauts and satellites tell a story of startling expansion and changes. It is the story of human progress told from ...

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Christians are the Light of the World

In his recent documentary titled Light On Earth, David Attenborough tells of an unbelievable experience of the S.S. Lima. On January 25, 1995, as this ...

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Pastor Starts Movement to Literally Feed the Flock

When Rev. Heber Brown III started noticing a particular need trending in his church, he did what pastors do – he found a way to spearhead a solution. ...

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The Early Church Succeeded Where We Are Failing

In a recent book Phil Cooke and Jonathan Bock ask significant questions:

Why did the Early Church succeed where we are failing? How did they transform ...

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Churches Step Up in Dallas, and the Media Pays Attention

We have all heard about the terrible news in Dallas recently, but even the secular press is starting to notice some good news—churches banding together ...

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Paris, Terror, and the Mystery of Hope

"Seemingly within minutes of the massacre in Paris," observes Mark Galli at Christianity Today, "people gathered at one place or another, ...

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A Shining Light

I am the light of the world, the founder of the Christian religion said. What a stupendous phrase! And how particularly marvelous today, when one is conscious ...

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The Problem with American Christians

The main problem with American Christians is not that they aren't where they should be but that they are not what they should be right where they ...

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