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City Lights

One of the most iconic attractions when visiting New York City is Times Square. Times Square stretches out over five blocks along Broadway and then spreads out several blocks covering the entire theater district. What draws tourists to the area is not only the world-class theaters but the city lights.

Times Square is lit up by arguably the largest concentration of electronic billboards on the planet. According to Con Edison, the Theater District estimated that peak consumption is around 161 megawatts at one time. To put that into perspective, that is enough energy to power 161,000 homes. That is twice the amount of electricity used in all the Casinos in Las Vegas! That's a lot of power!

Possible Preaching Angle:

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus calls his disciples to be salt and light; and collectively become that visible City on a Hill. When we connect to “his power" and gather as "his people" light will break through the darkness.


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