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Sermon Illustrations about Liturgy

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Liturgy to help bring your sermon to life.

Ohio's 'Bicentennial Farms' are Reminders of the Power of Legacy

When we hear the word "legacy," many of us think of it a bit like an inheritance: a possession of sorts, to be handed down to generations to ...

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Liturgical Dissonance

Christian liturgy should intensify the "cognitive dissonance" between the community of faith and the world surrounding it.

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A Liturgy for Christmas

The radiance of the Father's splendor, the Father's visible image, Jesus Christ our God, peerless among counselors, Prince of Peace, Father of ...

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Unnatural Choices

The contemporary church needs desperately to bring together a concern for liturgy and a concern for justice, instead of endlessly forcing us to choose ...

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