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Sermon Illustrations about Leadership styles

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Leadership styles to help bring your sermon to life.

Why Detroit Residents Pushed Back Against Free Tree-Planting

The city of Detroit was in a campaign to reforest its streets after decades of neglecting its depleted tree canopy. However, the tree-planters met stiff ...

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A Powerful Lesson on Leadership

Abdul Kalam, former President of India, once shared this powerful example of a vital quality of good leadership. In 1979, he was the Project Director ...

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How Best Buy Rescued Itself from a Slow Death

The year was 2012, and everything seemed to be going wrong for Best Buy. The CEO had just resigned after admitting to an improper relationship with a ...

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Looking into Our Eyes

Joe Torre had been a catcher and a broadcast announcer for the St. Louis Cardinals. Shortly after he was named manager, according to the Pittsburgh Press, ...

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Leaders Don't Push

General Eisenhower used to demonstrate the art of leadership with a simple piece of string. He'd put it on a table and say: "Pull it and it'll ...

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The Only Way to Lead

I don't know any other way to lead but by example.

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Nothing Grows under the Banyan Tree

"Nothing grows under a banyan tree." This South Indian proverb speaks of leadership styles. The banyan is a great tree. It spreads its branches, ...

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