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Sermon Illustrations about Lawyers

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Lawyers to help bring your sermon to life.

Lawyer's Zoom Filter Renders Him as Adorable Cat

In nearly a decade on the bench, Judge Roy Ferguson has done a lot presiding over the 394th District in Texas. But just as 2020 held plenty of surprises ...

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Prosecutor-Turned-Novelist Scorned for Miscarriage of Justice

Former prosecutor Linda Fairstein is facing a barrage of criticism for the way she handled her most infamous case. This resulted in several African American ...

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Man Hopes Wal-Mart Sign Will Fall on His Head

Walmart is no stranger to interesting characters—there's even a calendar featuring its eclectic clientele. But a recent Texas patron went to his ...

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Wacky Warning Labels

For the last 11 years, an anti-lawsuit group from Michigan has held "The Wacky Warning Label Contest" to show the effects of lawsuits on warning labels. ...

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The Honest Lawyer

Recently, I was walking the streets in San Mateo, a small town on the San Francisco peninsula. I met an attorney I knew from a local evangelical church. ...

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