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Man Hopes Wal-Mart Sign Will Fall on His Head

Walmart is no stranger to interesting characters—there's even a calendar featuring its eclectic clientele. But a recent Texas patron went to his local Walmart for a very specific purpose: to be knocked unconscious. According to Global News, Manuel Garcia "stood underneath a dangling sign outside of Walmart's pharmacy for two days," in the hopes that one of the sign's letters "would fall and knock him out."

Why? Garcia posted about his endeavor on his Facebook page, alongside photos of himself standing outside the store. The caption read: "waiting for the P to fall and knock [me] out to be able to sue Walmart."

After no letters fell the first day, Garcia returned once more, posting again to Facebook: "Day 2 still waiting." Again, his lawsuit efforts proved fruitless—but his social media presence triumphed, as "his photo earned 18,000 likes and 44,220 shares."

Potential Preaching Angles: Perhaps not many of us have stood under a broken sign, hoping it'll fall on us. But perhaps we do seek out behavior we know is destructive, thinking it will somehow reward us.

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