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Sermon Illustrations about Laughter

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Laughter to help bring your sermon to life.

Field Hockey Team Surprises Coach with Formal Wear

East Syracuse Minoa High field hockey coach Kate Harris challenged her players, who were all dedicated and focused, to loosen up a bit. Harris said, “I ...

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Finishing the Christian Race Well

When the Olympic Games of 1964 were held in Tokyo, Sri Lanka sent a contingent to the games, including a 10,000-meter runner by the name of Ranatunge ...

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Man Pranks Friends, Family During Own Funeral

Shay Bradley loved laughter. In the end, he made sure to get the last laugh. Or rather, he made sure that he gave one last laugh. Friends and family mourning ...

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The Language of Laughter

We've heard the phrase "laughter is the best medicine." But what about this one? "Laughter is a universal language." That statement ...

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Ten Things You May Not Know About Laughter

An article from the BBC listed "10 Things You May Not Know about Laughter." The tidbits about this wonderful phenomenon vary from the useless ...

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Why God Weeps with Us

God weeps with us so that we may someday laugh with him.

—Theologian Jürgen Moltmann

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"Monsters, Inc.": Living On the Right Kind of Fuel

Monsters, Inc. is a movie about a monster world that is fueled by fear—literally. The company motto is "We scare because we care." Each day, ...

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Latest Research on Happiness

More than 60 scientists have been given millions of dollars in funding to help humanity find happiness. A popular movement among psychologists called ...

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Knowing God's Acceptance

In his book, Connecting, Larry Crabb writes:

A friend of mine was raised in an angry family. Mealtimes were either silent or sarcastically noisy. Down ...

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Laughter Is Good Medicine

The old axiom, "Laughter is the best medicine," holds true when it comes to protecting your heart, according to a study conducted by the University ...

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