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Sermon Illustrations about Life, Testing

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Life, Testing to help bring your sermon to life.

Cheating at Colleges Soars During the Pandemic

Mariam Aly, an assistant professor at Columbia University, has tried everything to keep her students from cheating. In her cognitive neuroscience class, ...

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A Runner’s Sudden Existential Crisis

Devin Kelly looks forward every year to meeting his running friends at Farmdaze. Every February at a farm in Brooklet, Georgia, a 24-hour ultra-marathon ...

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Living with Uncertainty in a Time of Crisis

Author Elizabeth L. Silver wrote the very personal memoir The Tincture of Time. It is about her then baby daughter’s stroke at six weeks and the ...

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We Are Better Together Than in Isolation

The "marshmallow test" is a classic research project that illustrates our lack of self-control and delayed gratification. For the study, the ...

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Wright Brothers Succeeded Using Virtual Reality Testing

At the end of 1901, the Wright brothers were frustrated by the flight-tests of their 1900-1901 gliders. The aircraft were flown frequently up to 300 feet ...

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Truth Is Hard

Hard are the ways of truth, and rough to walk.

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No Life without Suffering

I have never thought that Christians would be free of suffering. For our Lord suffered. And I have come to believe that He suffered, not to save us from ...

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